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Thank you for visiting ‘YOON VALVE TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd’ website.


Our company is one of the engineering specialty company which makes automatic valves using for semiconductor equipment, water treatment equipment, food equipment and industrial facility as well as medicine manufacture, power generation, petro chemistry, plant and etc.


After establishing this company in 2008, our company continuously grows by providing the value-added product and technology to satisfy our customers need.


We promise to live up to our customer’s expectations and needs now and forever. 


We hope for your continued support and interest.



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2016 07 Attending International Industrial Machinery Exhibition, Hochiminh, Vietnam
2014  09 Attending 2014KOFAS Exhibition
06 Export Solenoid Valve ‘YN’ Series to Autralia and Singapore
05 Certified ‘YN’ Series IP65 from KTL (Korea Testing Laboratory)
04 Registered Trade Association
04 Certified ISO9001/14001
03 Certified as a Venture Business 
2013 09 Certified as a Clean Business
04 Attending 2013 KPCA Exhibition
04 Register design of Solenoid Valve
03 Patented ‘Automatic Valve includes Solenoid Valve’ (No.10-1239005)
2012 12 Moved to the knowledge industry center in Song-Do,Incheon.
09 Developed Solenoid Valve ‘YN’ Series
2010 10 Developed Pneumatic Actuator ‘R’ Series
2009 06 Developed CKD Explosion-Proof NAMUR Valve and has the exclusivity.
2008 02 Acquire specialty CKD Pneumatic distribution
01 Corporate Automa 
01 Establish Actuator Valve technology